So much of my work was about movement. In these geometric pieces I was thinking more about structures that were stable and unchanging.  I wanted to get at something that was eternal, perfect, or absolute and began experimenting with geometry. I loved the concept of stillness at the center of the wheel, or the perfect balance of the vertical and horizontal in a cross where opposing forces are in equilibrium

Radiant Power    watercolor   26″ x 26″

Eternal Light   watercolor   28″ x 21″

Lost Light   watercolor   28″ x 21″

Unknown Frequency, I    acrylic/collage on canvas   24″ x 24″

Unknown Frequency, II   acrylic/collage on canvas   24″ x 24″

Opposing Chaos, I    acrylic/on paper  12″ x 12″

Opposing Chaos, III    acrylic on paper   16″ x 15″

Movement and Stillness   monoprint with pencils   14″ x 11.5″

Holding the Center   watercolor/mixed media   30″ x 22″

Sweet Spots   acrylic, candy, orange on panel   16″ x 16″

Dark Moon   watercolor   11″ x 8″

Begin Again   acrylic/collage on wood panel   18″ x 18″