In this watercolor series I started by painting the whole paper as black as I could. The idea was to wash away areas of the black to discover new shapes and textures that were not possible with a direct, additive approach. Surface quality and texture became more important than color. I had to employ opaque watercolor or gouache to regain light in some places.  The paintings became much more visceral and substantial than the usual watercolor.  I liked the mystery and weight of the dark tones.

Falling Moon    watercolor   20.5″ x 17″

Moon Basket   watercolor   10″ x 9.5″

Defiant Growth   watercolor/collage   15″ x 11.5″

After the Storm   watercolor   28″ x 21″

Dangerous Passage   watercolor   28″ x 21″

Over a Dark Moon   watercolor/mixed media   21″ x 14″

Rugged Expanse    watercolor/mixed media   29.5″ x 29.5″

Weird Science   watercolor/mixed media   28″ x 21″

Stabilizing, II    watercolor/mixed media   28″ x 21″

Nocturnal Forces, VII   watercolor   13.5″ x 10″

Nocturnal Forces, VIII    watercolor   15″ x 11.5″

Nocturnal Forces, IX    watercolor   15″ x 11.5″