In these large watercolors I started by puddling large amounts of water and color onto the paper. I was trying to set the watercolor free, putting as much energy into my materials as I could and watching, as I let the painting almost create itself. I tried to keep the feeling of spontaneous events taking place in the painting as fresh as I could. I wanted the evidence of my human intervention as minimal as possible.

Human Intervention, III   watercolor   42″ x 30″

Human Intervention, IV   watercolor   42″ x 30″

Adrift, II    watercolor   28″x 21″

Human Intervention, I   watercolor   40″ x 52″

Message from the Moon, I   watercolor/gouache   40″ x 26″

Message from the Moon, II   watercolor/gouache   40″x 26″

Night Fishing   watercolor   36″x 30″

Excavation, I   watercolor   8″ x 8″

Symbiotic Forms, III   watercolor   30″ x 22″

Lunar Force   watercolor   30″ x 22″

Symbiotic Forms, II    watercolor   28″ x 21″

Contingent Being, V     watercolor   20″ x 15″