Liquid Geometry

In this series I realized that the materials – water, pigment and paper – could create imagery more natural and real than what I could produce intentionally.  I allowed the pools of color to settled into the hills and valleys of the swollen paper.  I was not copying nature. I was allowing real, natural events to happen on the paper.  I started to feel the need for some rigid structure to organize all the random pattern and movement and liked the contrast of the hard edge geometric shapes.

Liquid Geometry, II     watercolor/collage    34″ x 28.5″

Strata, I    watercolor/collage   45.5″ x 35.5″

Strata, II    watercolor   45.5″ x 35.5″

Liquid Geometry, I     watercolor    34″ x 34″

Lunar Opposition, I        watercolor/mixed media   31.5″ x 21″

Opposing Systems   watercolor   49″ x 41″

When They Left    watercolor   49″ x 41″

Opposing Chaos, IX    watercolor/mixed media   49″ x 39.5″

In the Depths, IV    watercolor/collage   44″ x 31″

In the Depths, II     watercolor/mixed media   41″ x 48″