The images in these pieces spring from the unconscious and take shape in the process of working. With oil or acrylic painting there are endless opportunities to keep changing the shapes, revising and correcting till it all feels right.  I wanted the shapes to reflect the energies of nature acting upon them

Submerging   acrylic on canvas 48″ x 48″

Windswept, I    acrylic on canvas   16″ x 16″

Windswept, II    acrylic on canvas   16″ x 16″

Desert Structures   acrylic on canvas   30″ x 30″

Nature and Industry   acrylic on canvas   50″ x 50″

Toward the Sea   acrylic on canvas   22″ x 18″

Evening Emergence   oil/mixed media on canvas   24″ x 72″

Becoming   acrylic on canvas   54′ x 64″

Witness to the Unknown   acrylic/collage on canvas   52″ x 36″

In a Sea of Gold    acrylic/oil on canvas   54″ x 36″

Pegasus and Company    acrylic and oil on canvas   42″ x 40″

Resisting   oil on canvas   30″ x 30″