I continue to paint directly from life, studying and relishing all the subtlety and amazing diversity of nature’s design. Painting from nature is like a meditation for me, where I can be totally aware, absorbed by what the eye sees.   I am looking at the world and building a visual vocabulary of stockpiled shapes, structures, textures and colors in an effort to understand.

Rudbekia in the Lilies   watercolor   6″ x 8″

Hanging Begonias   watercolor   30″ x 23″

One Alone   watercolor/gouache   10″ x 13.5″

Life on Earth    watercolor   30″ x 21.5″

Garden Path   acrylic on panel   18″ x 18″

Hollyhock   acrylic on panel   18″ x 18″

Creeping Bell Flowers   watercolor   11.5″ x 13″

Dance of the Sumacs   watercolor   13.5″ x 10″

Screen Porch   watercolor   28″ x 21″

Rumpled Bed   watercolor   28″ x 21″

Lucy’s Begonias   watercolor   20″ x 26″

Folding Chair   litho crayon on paper   17″ x 16″